** Parish Ministries and Organizations **

- Service Groups -

Men's Club

  • The Men’s Club fosters fraternity, congeniality, and camaraderie among the gentlemen members of the Club to support the Clergy and other officials in accomplishing their mission to the congregation and the community. For further information please call Al Thompson – President, Men’s Club @ 732-657-4510.

Episcopal Church Women

  • Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is an international organization, which began in the 1850s in America. It is organized from local parish to national levels. Every woman of the Parish is a member of ECW. Ministry for women is provided through meetings, quiet days, programs, and service to the Church and community.

  • Our ECW has many ministries including the prayer shawl ministry, Crop walk, Operation Christmas Guild, Festival of Trees and more. Fundraising provides money to ECW for needed projects and for the Church budget. ECW meets the 1st Thursday of June, September, and December at 1:00 pm. All women are welcome.  For further information please call our president, Stefanie Rotsaert, at (732) 350-2904.

- The Arts -

seasonal art classes

  • Art classes are held in 8-week sessions 3-4 times per year. The main focus is painting in oils, acrylics, and watercolor. Well-known artist Bernice Neuman whose works have been displayed throughout the county and beyond conducts all classes. If you have an interest in learning to paint you can call Bernice at 732-350-7869

pinelands symphonic band/orchestra

  • The band rehearses weekly on Friday mornings from 9:30 – 11:30 am. It consists of a 40-piece symphonic wind ensemble that has concerts throughout Ocean County. The ensemble features show music from Broadway, silver screen, and patriotic tunes. Well-known conductor Mr. Jack Milkovitz conducts the Band.

  • For further information please call John Smyth, Band President at 732-349-8538


- Community Organizations -

cosmopolitan associates - pines chapter

  • A social group of foreign-born women that do things for the purpose of good friendship and fellowship. They meet 9 months per year and are part of a larger organization. Some members are Welch, German, or are from Great Britain and other parts of Europe. For further information please call Carolyn Smith @ 732-281-2705.

thyroid support group

  • Through Community Medical Center, the group was organized in January 2002 at the Lighthouse in Whiting. After a few years, the rooms became doctor’s offices. Father Paul gave the go ahead to bring the Thyroid Support Group to St. Stephen’s and we have been here ever since. The goal is to educate and support each other regarding any thyroid issue. Over 1,200 people have been supported. We are the only support group in the S.J. area. We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 10:00 am at the Church. For further information please call Stefanie Rotsaert, Facilitator @ 732-350-2904.

boy scout troop #350

  • The Troop meets every Tuesday from 7:00 – 8:30 pm and consists of boys age 11 to 18. They focus on various projects to proceed through the ranks by earning badges and performing community service. The Troop has had at least one Eagle Scout every year for the last 10 years. For further information please call Kevin Rumbach, Committee Chairman, Boy Scout Troop #350 @ 732-647-5481.

Cub scout pack #350

  • Consists of boys age 6-10. They meet the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Mondays. They earn badges and do various projects, crafts, and community service, as well as study the scouts oath and laws. For further information please call Kelly Dunkley, Committee Chair, Cub Scout Pack #350 @ 732-684-0764.

girl scout troop #74

  • Our entire group of 12 girls are 11 years old. They are working to earn Girl Scout patches and perform service for their community. The Troop meets on the 4th Sunday of the month. For further information please call Dana Doctor, Director, Girl Scout Troop #74 @ 732-597-3514.

Daisy Troop #28

  • Our Daisy Troop consists of 8 girls ages 5-7. They meet every other Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm for crafts, projects, and instruction regarding how to grow into a good girl scout by earning pedals, studying and learning about self-respect. For further information please call Donna Cavallo, Director, Daisy Troop #28 @ 732-267-6996.

alcoholics anonymous

  • Our Parish supports 5 AA groups that meet Sundays at 8:00 pm (Turn-it-over Group, Open Discussion), Tuesdays at 2:00 pm (Women’s Group, Closed Discussion), Wednesdays at 3:00 pm (Solution Group, Closed Discussion), and Saturdays at 3:00 pm (AA Book Study Meeting, Open Big Book) & 8:00 pm (Saturday Night Sober, Open Speaker). For further information or to contact our Groups please call the Parish Office @ 732-350-2121.

- Community Outreach -

food pantry

  • Our Daily Bread Food Pantry and Hungry Paws, consists of members of the Parish and other volunteers who maintain our pantry and to provide food for the sick, the hungry and the needy. The food pantry is there to help those who have minimal funds to work with and come to our Parish when they have a specific need for food. The Food Pantry also provides pet food for dogs and cats. For further information please call Jim Jados, Director, Food Pantry @ 732-350-3335.

clothing boutique

  • The Boutique offers gently used or new clothing at very low prices for anyone who has a need. We also have bins for heavily used items which are still serviceable, to distributed to mission fields and emergency service operations.

pastoral counseling

  • Our rector, Fr. Paul Van Sant, provides Pastoral Counseling to both parishioners and members of the larger community. Counseling is available for family, pre-marital, marital, and substance abuse. Fr. Paul holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling and received certification for Pastoral Drug and Alcohol Counseling from the state of Wisconsin.

i will listen

  • I Will Listen is a Christian based telephone ministry. Our goal is to call the homebound, lonely and hurting people in our community, including anyone who would like a call just to say “hello”. If you know someone who needs a call, or if you would be willing to be one of our callers, contact our coordinator, Judith O’Neil @ 732-323-0390


- Worship Ministries -

altar guild

  • These members of the Parish are responsible for caring and preparing the sanctuary each week. They attend to all set up of the altar services and are responsible for bringing the sacred elements to the altar. They organize the flower memorials each week and coordinate special and seasonal decorations at Christmas and Easter. Members are scheduled to serve once a month on a rotational basis. For further information please call Carol Cavanaugh, President, Altar Guild @ 732-657-0193.


  • The Usher Ministry consists of Parish members who meet-n-greet our congregation and hand out our Parish bulletin leaflets for Sunday Services each week. In addition, our Ushers lead the offertory collection. For further information please call Al Thompson, Director, Ushers @ 732-657-4510.

music ministries

  • The goal of the Music Ministry at St. Stephen’s is to provide support for congregational singing and to provide thoughtful and meaningful music to enrich the worship service.


  • Our Choir participates in the 10:00 am worship service every Sunday from early September through mid-June. Practices are weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M.

chime choir

  • The Chime Choir program is in its fifth year. Our chimers play tuned tubular instruments that sound similar to bells. They present a prelude or offertory anthem about once a month from September through June.

special summer music program

  • During the summer months, members and friends of our parish present offertory anthems. Prelude and Postlude music is played for the 10:00 am Service every Sunday. To join our choirs, or for further information, please call Pam Unger, Music Director at 732-716-1628.

Lay Eucharistic Minister and lectors

  • These Lay Persons serve as readers, acolytes, and assist in administering the sacraments at our church services. Training is offered once or twice each year and schedules are arranged according to each person’s availability.

visiting Lay Eucharistic Ministers

  • Visiting Lay Eucharistic Minister – These Lay Persons assist our priest by taking communion to our shut-ins and those in hospital or continuing care facilities. Training is offered once or twice each year. Each person is assigned one or two individuals or institutions, which they are to visit on a monthly basis.

- Lay Orders -

Daughters of the king

  • The Order of the Daughters of the King is a religious order for women and girls. We take vows of prayer, service to the Church, and evangelism. We wear our cross to remind us that we can do nothing without Jesus. Our members serve in the following ministries or organizations: Altar Guild, Choir, Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM), Prayer Chains, Vestry, and Episcopal Church Women (ECW). We also participate in retreats twice a year. For further information please call Dolores Ropes, President, Daughters of the King @ 732-849-0069.

order of st. Luke

  • The Order of St. Luke is an international, interdenominational group dedicated to the healing of body, soul, and spirit. Each of our members has spent time studying about healing. This chapter meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month after the 10 A.M. Healing Service. Members provide prayers of healing every Thursday, and the last Sunday of the month. We also host a Healing Mission every other year at our Church. Our next mission turn will be on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 with the Rev. Nigel Mumford as our guest speaker. For further information please call Stefanie Rotsaert, Convener @ 732-350-2904.

- Awards Given By Our Parish -

Micah award

  • The Micah Award is given to a member of the greater Manchester area who through their efforts and for business has made our community a better and more pleasant place to live in. The award is presented as a plaque and is awarded at a community dinner in their honor. This year’s recipient is Karen Mohr, Editor of the Crestwood Village Sun. For further information or to reserve a seat at the dinner please call Father Paul Van Sant, Rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church – Whiting, NJ @ 732-350-2121.

Paul sakin award

  • This is an award that is given to a member of our Parish for their work and efforts to serve God and for bringing together the community of Christ. For further information please call St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church- Whiting, NJ @ 732-350-2121.

- Special Ministries -

bible studies

  • Bible Studies are offered at least two and sometimes as much as four times each year. On occasion, historical or denominational studies are also offered. All our adult studies are open to the public. There are no denominational requirements. Studies last between three and eight weeks on average. Our current topic is I and II Thessalonians and will continue each Wednesday from 5 to 6 P.M. through November 19th.

Annual blessing of the bikes

  • On the first Sunday of May each year we host a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts where we bless their motorcycles and enjoy food, music, and fellowship together. This special relationship extends to individual bikers throughout the year as Father Paul provides counseling, sacraments, and other ministries to those who wish to receive them.

bowling ministry

  • In 2015 we began a special ministry to reach new members of our community through the sport of Bowling. Since its inception the Bowling ministry has hosted two Fun Bowling Nights at Lakewood Lanes and is currently approved to host two official bowling events before the end of this year. We will be hosting a H.S. Level Tournament and a Collegiate Tournament to encourage healthy and morally sound activities for our youth and young adults. Additionally our parish has become involved in several adult league activities at Lakewood Lanes. For more information contact Bill Bodine at 732-814-6683

fellowship and fundraising committee

  • The Fundraising Committee provides an opportunity to build fellowship within our parish and larger communities while supporting the financial needs of our church. This talented group of parishioners organizes many of the activities listed below


- Other Activities -

There is no way that we can list and describe every activity we have to offer, but here are some of the other events and projects that we are involved in here at St. Stephen’s:

Solar Panel Project                Annual Labor Day Fair

Oktoberfest                              Gift Wrapping at Boscov’s

Two English Teas                      Bus Trips

Applebee’s Breakfasts             Vendor Fair

Fashion Show                            Argyle Fish Fry

We have a diverse and vibrant collection of ministries, programs, and services at

TO Find out more about our offerings as Described above; click on ANY OF The links Shown for further information.